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Equations PR & Media is a full-service Public Relations Consultancy firm operating out of Mumbai. We have our affiliate network in all major metros including New Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai, Kolkata, Hyderabad and other Tier II and Tier III cities as well. We offer services that cover the entire gamut of Public Relations and Digital Marketing needs of businesses. As an integrated communications agency, Equations PR & Media works relentlessly in pursuit of bridging the space between brands and their audiences.
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sectors we work for
Equations PR and media has successfully partnered with clients from various key sectors. Our stellar track record is achieved due to our in-depth understanding of sector trends, analysing market shifts, tracking consumer behaviour and being able to capitalise on this knowledge to create the best PR and digital campaigns and strategies for our clients. Our motto is to drive measurable results and that’s what we promise to deliver on all accounts.

IT & Technology

Equations works with a repertoire of both Consumer and Enterprise tech clients that cater to the B2C and B2B sectors. Our in-depth experience in the Tech sector allows us to work with the best Technology Editors, influencers and tech bloggers in the space.


Equations is well sought after in the Education space. We work with Premier educational institutes across the country to help them garner extensive media visibility and publicity.

Real Estate

Our work with leading builders, realtors, developers in the realm of Real Estate and Infrastructure has helped us gain a strong foothold in this sector.

Media & Entertainment

We work with an array of clients from the Media and Entertainment industry. Our experience has taught us that this industry thrives on prominent press coverage and timely publicity.

Travel & Lifestyle

The travel and lifestyle segment includes a vast umbrella of brands and offerings. Our success with this sector is augmented by our ability to tailor our PR strategies to the client, whether it is an online travel booking portal or luxury spa retreat.

Health, Wellness & Pharma

Equations has worked extensively in the health and wellness space. Our experience with leading health and pharma companies has geared us to take on a multi-dimension PR approach.

Hospitality and F&B

With its foray into the Food and Beverage PR, Equations has worked with clients from the industry. The F&B space is dynamic and constantly moulding itself to the evolving consumer trends.

Vc's & Corporates

Equations collaborates with various Venture Capitalists and highlights the investments of VC’s by bringing them into the fold of our PR communications. We also work with start-ups to prepare PR strategies whilst they are on their journey to get funded in the market.

Art, Culture & Music

We, at Equations are enthusiastic purveyors of Art, Culture and Music. Whether it is promoting a pop-up exhibition, a cultural fest or launching a new music artist, we have the know-how for it all.

Retail & FMCG

Our work in the Retail and FMCG sector has proved beneficial for our clients. We engage in a variety of media strategies that range from analysing consumer patterns, product launches, brand promotions, improving consumer awareness

Financial Services

Our work in the financial sector involves profile building for companies, creating media visibility, generating brand awareness and raising thought leadership for people in the financial space and so much more.
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careers @ equations
With a vast network, Equations is looking for young vibrant individuals with a static persona, creative mind, spontaneous client handling, positive attitude and of course amazing communication and writing skills.
If you think you are a blend of these qualities or more, then you are always welcome here.
Email us your careers at: hr@equationsmedia.com